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At Safisha Pest Control, we understand the distress and health risks associated with dead animals on your property. That’s why we offer prompt and efficient dead animal removal services in Melbourne, ensuring a clean and safe environment for you and your family.

With our same-day emergency service, we prioritise your peace of mind and act swiftly to address the issue.

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Where Are Dead Animals Most Commonly Found?

Dead animals can be found in various locations, including:

What Attracts Dead Animals?


Certain factors attract dead animals to your property, such as:

  • Food sources, including garbage and pet food
  • Accessible shelter, such as uncapped chimneys or gaps in buildings
  • Water sources, like leaky pipes or stagnant pools

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Types of Dead Animals


Common in urban areas, possums may take shelter in roofs, trees, or sheds.

Birds (e.g., pigeons, sparrows, seagulls)

These birds may nest in building structures or roost in high areas.


Snakes can find their way into various areas of the property, such as gardens or crawl spaces.

Rodents (e.g., rats, mice)

Rodents often seek refuge in walls, attics, and basements.


Bats may inhabit attics, barns, or other secluded areas.

Our Process for Dead Animal Removal

Here’s a detailed description of the process for dead animal removal:

Initial Contact and Scheduling

When you contact us, we prioritise your call, ensuring a prompt response.

We swiftly schedule a convenient appointment to assess the situation, demonstrating our commitment to addressing your dead animal removal needs efficiently.

Prompt Response and Assessment

Our team promptly arrives at your property, equipped with the necessary tools and expertise.

We conduct a thorough assessment, identifying the specific location of the dead animal and evaluating any potential risks or related issues that need to be addressed.

Safe Handling and Removal

With utmost care and professionalism, we employ specialised equipment and protective gear to handle and remove the dead animal.

Our trained technicians ensure that the removal process is carried out safely and efficiently, minimizing any disturbance to your property.

Sanitisation and Deodourization

We understand the importance of restoring a clean and hygienic environment after the removal process.

Our team implements thorough sanitisation and deodourization measures to eliminate any lingering odours and disinfect the affected areas, ensuring a fresh and pleasant living space.

Proper Disposal and Legal Compliance

We adhere to strict regulations and guidelines regarding the proper disposal of dead animals.

Our team follows all legal requirements, ensuring responsible and ethical disposal methods, contributing to a safe and environmentally conscious approach.

Preventive Measures and Recommendations

In addition to the removal process, we provide preventive measures and recommendations to minimise the chances of future dead animal incidents.

Our experts offer guidance on securing your property, sealing entry points, and implementing effective deterrents to discourage animals from returning.

Documentation and Reporting

Throughout the dead animal removal process, we maintain detailed documentation and records.

This includes comprehensive reports, outlining the inspection findings, actions taken, and any recommended follow-up treatments, providing you with a clear record of the entire process.

Follow-Up and Monitoring

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond the initial removal. We offer follow-up services to ensure the effectiveness of the dead animal removal process.

Our team monitors the area, conducts inspections, and provides any necessary additional treatments or preventive measures.

Professionalism and Customer Satisfaction

At Safisha Pest Control, we prioritise professionalism and customer satisfaction.

Our dedicated team strives to deliver exceptional service, demonstrating professionalism in every interaction and ensuring that you are satisfied with the dead animal removal process from start to finish.


Effective pest control for your commercial space.


Pest-free living made easy, hassle-free service.


Same-day solutions for your urgent service needs.


Swift emergency response, reliable service.

Residential Dead Animal Removal

We understand the impact a dead animal can have on your home and family.

Our residential dead animal removal service focuses on creating a safe and healthy living environment.

We cater to homes of all sizes and provide personalised solutions to meet your specific needs.

Commercial Dead Animal Removal

Businesses can also be affected by dead animals, posing health risks and damaging reputation. Our commercial dead animal removal service is tailored to address the unique requirements of commercial properties, including offices, restaurants, warehouses, and more.

We ensure minimal disruption to your operations while effectively eliminating the problem.

6 Reasons to Choose Safisha Pest Control

Trusted Professionals

We are a reputable pest control company in Melbourne, known for our expertise and dedication to delivering exceptional services.

Extensive Experience

With years of experience in the industry, we have handled numerous dead animal removal cases, providing effective solutions for our clients.

Licensed and Insured

We are fully licensed and insured, giving you peace of mind and assurance that you are working with a professional and reliable team.

Eco-Friendly Approach

We prioritise the use of environmentally friendly methods and products, ensuring the safety of your family, pets, and the surrounding environment.

Customer Satisfaction

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering. We strive to exceed your expectations and ensure a positive experience throughout the dead animal removal process.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing for our services, providing you with value for your investment in professional dead animal removal.

Effective Dead Animal Removal in Melbourne

Contact Safisha Pest Control today for prompt and reliable dead animal removal services in Melbourne. Our experienced team is ready to assist you with same-day emergency service and ensure a clean and safe environment.

Don’t let dead animals compromise your property and well-being. Call us now at or fill out our online form to schedule an appointment.

Dead Animal Prevention Tips

  • Seal Entry Points: Identify and seal any gaps or openings in your property that may serve as entry points for animals.
  • Regular Maintenance: Maintain a clean and clutter-free environment, regularly inspecting and cleaning areas that may be attractive to animals.
  • Secure Waste Disposal: Properly seal and dispose of garbage to prevent attracting animals.
  • Professional Inspections: Periodically seek professional pest inspections to identify any potential issues and take preventive measures.


If you discover a dead animal on your property, it’s important to handle the situation promptly and safely. Avoid direct contact with the animal and contact a professional dead animal removal service like Safisha Pest Control. Our experts will safely remove the carcass, disinfect the area, and implement preventive measures if necessary.

Yes, dead animals can attract other pests such as flies, maggots, scavenging animals, and even predators. These pests are drawn to the decaying remains and can pose additional health and hygiene risks. Swift removal of the dead animal by professionals helps prevent the attraction of other pests.

Insurance coverage for dead animal removal can vary depending on your policy and specific circumstances. Some insurance policies may include coverage for dead animal removal as part of their pest control or property damage provisions. It’s best to review your insurance policy or consult with your insurance provider to determine the extent of your coverage.

The duration of the dead animal removal process depends on various factors such as the size of the animal, its location, and the complexity of the situation. In general, our team at Safisha Pest Control strives to complete the removal process efficiently and effectively, ensuring minimal disruption to your property. The specific timeframe can be discussed during the initial consultation.

Yes, we understand that dead animal situations can be urgent and require immediate attention. At Safisha Pest Control, we offer same-day emergency service for dead animal removal. When you contact us, our team prioritises your call and acts promptly to address the issue, ensuring a swift and efficient resolution to the problem.